ESD Testers

Wrist Strap Testers


  • Portable wrist strap tester equipped with 9 volts battery
  • This is a 3-state touch tester designed for fast, accurate and frequent testing of personal grounding device
  • Easy to operate
  • Range: wrist strap 0.75 toRead more

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Surface Resistance Meter


  • It is a ultra wide-range, battery operated, portable instrument for measuing surface resisrance by using recommended parallel bar sensing probe.
  • Surface resistance is conveniently indicated by a row of LEDs covering a total 10Read more

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Surface Resistance Test Kit


  • Using two pieces of standard 5-pound weight
  • Dual test voltage: 10V or 100V
  • Designed in accordance with ESD S4.1,
  • ANSI ESD7.1, and ANSI EOS/ESD S11.11 test measurement procedures
  • Portable and suitable for field technicians
  • Read more

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Megohm Meter


  • Measures resistivity, temperature and humidity.
  • As humidity and temperature affect resistivity, they must be measured.
  • High quality, high precision and high reliability.
  • Specifications:
  • Dual test voltage: 10V or 100V
  • Resistivity range: 10³ – 10¹²Read more

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