DDPE-Q 2 Tools DDE Precision Station


  • DDPE Precision Rework Station is a perfect solution for fast and precise SMD rework of chip components and small outline ICs using hand soldering tools.
  • The DDE Control Unit manages up to 2 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools. Check below the for complete list of compatible tools.
  • This rework station comes with the T210 Precision Purpose Handle and the AM120 Adjustable Micro Tweezers.
  • The short distance tip-to-grip of both tools provides the highest precision handling even under microscope.
  • The Precision Handle T210 work with C210 cartridges and the AM120 with C120 cartridges whose exceptional thinness allows reworking components on heavily populated PCBAs without disturbing nearby components.
  • With the practical Cartridge Holder SCH-A the different cartridges are always stored nearby.

Product Composition:
– 1 DDE 2 Tools Control Unit
– 1 AM120-A Adjustable Micro Tweezers (Cartridge not included)
– 1 T210-A Precision Purpose Handle (Cartridge not included)
– 1 AD-SE Stand for T210 & T245 Handles
– 1 AM-SA Stand for AM120 Micro Tweezers
– 1 SCH-A Cartridge Holder
– 1 CL8499 Manual Tip Cleaner
120 V – Ref.DDPE-1QB
100 V – Ref.DDPE-9QB
230 V – Ref.DDPE-2QB

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