DMVE-Q 2 Tools DME Station with Pneumatic Pump


  • The DME manages up to 4 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools. Check below the complete list of compatible tools.
  • The MVE Pneumatic Desoldering Module is indispensable for a complete desoldering process. Clean and dry compressed air is required.
  • It provides the best soldering quality thanks to JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and additionally Sleep & Hibernation modes help to extend life of tips.
  • It features all the Excellence range benefits such as station customization, full control of soldering processes and remote work management.
  • The DMVE works simultaneously with the DR560 Desoldering Iron and the T245 Handle.

Product Composition:
– 1 DME 4 Tools Control Unit
– 1 MVE-A Pneumatic Desoldering Module for DDE & DME
– 1 T245-A General Purpose Handle (Cartridge not included)
– 1 DR560-A Desoldering Iron
– 1 AD-SE Stand for T210 & T245 Handles
– 1 DR-SE Stand for DR560
– 1 CL8499 Manual Tip Cleaner
230 V – Ref.DMVE-2QA
100 V – Ref.DMVE-9QA
120 V – Ref.DMVE-1QA

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