Vaccum Pickup Tool


  • It is made of Conductive Material, suitable for clean room environments
  • Packing includes 4 no's(2 bent & 2 straight), 3 types(small, medium & large) suction heads
    • Small suction head for items upto 3 grams
    • Medium suction head for items upto 18 grams
    • Large suction head for items upto 40 grams
  • Product quality is stable & highly reliable
  • Light & easy to carry design is made to handle Electronic Components, Metal & Plastic Parts and any items with smooth & nonporous surface.
  • Operation: Simply squeeze the vacuum bulb with your finger tips, place suction head on surface of part to be handled, then relax your squeeze, now the part is firmly gripped. Place the part precisely and a second squeeze will release the part.
  • Product Dimensions: 6″ x 0.5″ (L x D) approx.

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