Robotic Glue Dispensing


Features :
  • Replace the human labor and save labor cost.
  • Simple and convenient operation, high speed and precise control
  • Realize the precise dispensing by the high-precision motor
  • High performance liner structure platform with nice appearance.
Model DJ-200P
Drive Mode 3-Axis precision step motor
Operating Range 200mmx200mmx8mm (XYZ)
Movement Speed X*Y Axis : 0.1-600mm/sec
Z Axis : 0.1 400mm/sec
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.02mm (X*Y*Z)
Minimum analysis 0.01mm (X*Y*Z)
Maximum Load Weight 8kgs (for work platform)
Program Capacity Max. 255 programs
Operating Temperature 100C 400C
Operating Humidity 20 – 90%
External Dimensions 380 x 440 x 630mm
Weight about 31 kgs

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