Robotic Soldering


Features :
  • Applicable for different products, soldering temperature can be set freely.
  • The soldering iron unit can be multi-directionally adjusted, which can protect the PCB and components from damage.
  • Numerically controlled temperature (static air conditions: ± 10C)
  • With the handheld LCD Teaching Pendant, the programming is simple and easy to learn.
  • In the soldering process, the solder tip has rapid heat recovery and a long life span.
Model S513
Heating Power 150W
Input Voltage AC 110V / 220V
Output Voltage DC24V
Solder Wire Diameter 0.5,0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2(mm)
Preheating Temperature Range 00-5000C
Axis 4
Operating Range ( X*Y*Z ) 400 x 400 x 100mm
Dimension (L*D*H) 720 x 700 x 810mm
Weight about 66kg

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