ESD Turnstile System


  • The ESD Access Turnstile System veriftes the effectiveness of the ESD gear of an operator-wrist strap and foot wear with just a push of a button. Testing is completed in less than 2 seconds.
  • Only upon passing this ESD testing, will the personnel be allowed entry into an ESD sensitive area.
  • The system mainly consists of turnstile + human body comprehensive tester + reader card ( IC or ID card), + LCD display + management software + administrator host (company's existing computer)
  • According to different needs, four individual clearance levels can be chosen as below:
  • L1. VIP. free of test
  • L2. IC Card + anti-static wrist strap
  • L3. IC Card + anti-static shoes or heel strap
  • L4. IC Card + anti-static wrist strap + anti-static shoes or heel strap
  • Specifications:
  • Test Range:
  • for wrist strap: 0.75-20 Meg Ohms
  • for footwear: 0.75-100 Meg Ohms
  • Test Accuracy: ±5%

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